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Very happy with our purchase. logo 7/4/2016 Carie Ann Jean

Kids are grown. Was time for us to buy a sedan and move on from the mini vans and suv's. I had been wanting a Volvo for some time. Went to test drive a used T5 with open mind to other options, if price was right. Wound up comparing the 5 cylinder, AWD (used) to the 4 cylinder Front WD (new). Both cars felt very similar in handling, pick up etc. The better gas milage of the new, 4 cylinder won us over. Got a great deal at our local dealership. Super thrilled with our purchase. A couple minor disappointments. No standard back up camera. We were very used to this option and are considering putting one in. Trunk space is quite an adjustment. Half of a decent grocery trip winds up in the back seat. Other than that, I am a happy girl!!

Average Rating : 5


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