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Very impressive vehicle! logo 4/16/2015 Christopher E. McClure

I have driven 4wd vehicles (SUV and trucks) for 47 years, and this is as capable as any of them. I got it because I had been driving a 4wd F-150 for ten years and it was time for something other than a pickup. I have driven the 4Runner in all types of conditions, from highway to snow and rugged off-road, and it has done an excellent job in all. When one drives an SUV, especially one designed for off-road use, one has to understand that it will not be a car. I rarely tow a trailer, but when I do, this one has more than enough capacity to do what I need.

Favorite Feature : Solid construction, very reliable. I got the Entune system, which did not seem to me to be as difficult to program as other reviewers have said. I like the "breadcrumb" capability of the GPS mapping.The cargo capacity behind a two-row seat system is excellent, but I would not recommend the third row of seats if cargo capacity is important. I do not have the cargo tray, and that is good - there is more room without it. Handling is good, even over potholes and in extreme 4wd conditions. This is a very sophisticated 4wd vehicle.

Suggested Improvement : I upgraded to a TRD skidplate, and may upgrade the suspension to TRD as well, but other than that, perhaps a V-8 option would be useful to some owners.

Average Rating : 4.875


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