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Very nice car, definite improvement logo 8/27/2015 Steve M

My wife had a 2014 Legacy which met an untimely end. Without hesitation we went to the local Subaru dealer and picked up a 2015 before they were all gone. The 2014 had a manual transmission which is no longer offered which is a real shame. My wife was concerned because we had rented a Sonata with a CVT which was horrible to drive. Thankfully no problems with the Legacy as Subaru has done an excellent job with the "gears" programmed into the CVT. An automatic might get a few more horses transferred to the wheels but then again I've driven some that seem to constantly hunt for the right gear. Having the paddle shifters helps and since we have had many years of experience with 2.5L Subarus we know what to expect when it comes to acceleration. I hate to admit it but even without the manual this is still a nice car to drive (not that I'm giving up my manual Outback yet). And speaking of manuals, I was looking through the manual that comes with the car and I was pleasantly surprised to see details that have been left out of previous manuals. Sure it still says to take the car to the dealer but then proceeds to show how to do various maintenance items and part replacements. I don't remember as much being shown in previous ones.Of course it still has an awesome AWD system which we need to get out of our long and hilly driveway when the snow comes down. Thankfully Subaru is finally putting decent tires on these cars. Not sure why they gave us AWD and then put horrible tires on to counteract it.On the outside the styling is much better than the last generation. Same with the inside. It is comfortable, quiet, the controls are better placed and I really like the details such as the pattern on the silver trim. I also think Subaru got the the instrument panel just right. I am not a fan of pods for the speedometer and tach but the look as a whole is good. Also, we purchased one with the EyeSight system. We like the adaptive cruise control and the accident avoidance feature is a major selling points. The related graphics display is nice eye candy and useful.The one thing we hope for is a more pleasant experience than with our prior Subarus when it comes to maintenance and reliability.

Average Rating : 5


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