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Very nice, stylish, daily driver. logo 8/16/2015 Michael Keogh

This review will come across as confused. I love the look of my 2015 Dodge Dart SE auto with Rallye Package (auto option was not available in this review page). The car is comfortable, rides very well, and is quiet. The stylish exterior belies its performance. Handling is adequate for a 4-door sedan. The suspension springs are too soft to qualify this car as a sport sedan. The acceleration with this 2.0L auto is lethargic. Six speeds is too many. The transmission is always shifting trying to find the perfect gear ratio. One would think that would help fuel economy, but it doesn't. 99% of my driving is city driving and I am averaging just 22 mpg. You'd think with a 2.0L, 4-cylinder, MPG would be better. This is probably attributed the car's heft. The one good thing about the Dodge Dart is that it is cheap. With generous incentives and a well negotiated price, I purchased my car new for just over $15,000. I needed a cheap 4-door sedan, and this seemed the best option for a new vehicle.

Average Rating : 4


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