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Very noisy correct tire pressure logo 8/5/2015 Al D

For a vehicle classified as a "luxury vehicle", it is noisy as all get out. When I road tested the vehicle, we drove within the city only. We did not venture out on the highway ( a mistake I will never make again). On the road there is considerable wind noise, but its tolerable, but not what I expected from a Lexus or any other vehicle classified as a "luxury vehicle". BUT, much worse the car came with Dunlop tires. On the highway, the noise from the tires is awful. At 16,000 to 17,000 miles, the front tires cupped. The best the dealer offered was to rotate the front tires to the back. That did away with the vibration in the steering wheel, but road noise from the back is worse than when the tires were on the front. Can't wait to get out of it. Contacted Lexus. Still waiting to hear back from them. I doubt they will do anything to make this right. The most important thing I can say is: "If I had it to do over again, I would not buy this vehicle".

Average Rating : 2


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