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Very poor reliability logo 6/29/2015 morzh

Well, I have been a Jeep fan for a long time. Owned a Cherokee before, was a decent car. I knew the reliability reputation full well and bought this GC against my better judgement. Let's say, I have paid.Right after 4 years of very mild driving and not even 40K on odometer things started happening.The speed sensor. $1000.The starter. $800.A pressure sensor leaking air. $90.Today - another pressure sensor leaking air (the car will be 6 years old this August). $150. A $150 tire flat fix.No more Chrysler products for me.Update: three pressure sensors leaked with two of them having been replaced before. Two weeks ago I was about to add some air and when unscrewing the cap, the whole threaded part of the barrel broke off so I could not even inflate the tire and was driving with it underinflated untill the weekend when I replaced all 4 at Midas at half price of what the dealer charges.Oh... did I mention the A/C compressor went in the beginning of September of the same year I wrote the initial review? After 6 years and 1 month?Like I sad before....No. More. Chrysler. Period.

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