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Very quiet, a surprisingly good ride & value logo 8/5/2015 GregR

6,500 on the odometer now and I have to comment how impressed I am with this car. We would have never bought a Buick, but after riding in one, before you buy something else you need to take this for a ride. Easy to get in and out of, comfortable seats, large trunk, lifetime 30MPG per the OnStar app, no issues at all, well laid out interior, nice fit and finish, and the engine and transmission work well together. We have the LEather group and the keyless ignition is awesome. This car is loaded with safety features, and when you compare to other models, and the price, you can no go wrong. Lane assist, forward facing camera, all the airbags, blind spot monitoring, self-dim rear mirror - all for an affordable price. I drive an Acura, a Jeep, Honda Civic, and another GM product, and this car is THE quietest of all of them. Reliability we'll wait and see, but so far not a single warranty claim. We're in for our first oil change in about 2 weeks, complements of Buick. Someone posted there is no back seat room. I'm 6'4" and I don't need the front seat all the way back to be comfortable, and yes, someone can still sit behind me when I'm driving. Sure, I can push the seat all the way back, but it's not needed. This is no large 4-door sedan, so for the size car we're talking about, the interior room is impressive.Don't pass this model up. You will be surprised as we were. (Exterior color is the upgraded White Pearl, with two-tone brown interior).

Average Rating : 5


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