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Very useful vehicle for most anything logo 8/7/2015 DaleB

It is not a full size truck, it is a vehicle with a smaller truck capability, closer to mid size in cargo and weight capacity. It is a truck you can take a very comfortable long trip in, or make short trips to a lumber yard and lay down 4 x 8 sheets of drywall, flat. It is a truck that easily fits into a 2 car standard garage. It has a 4 wheel drive system that automatically provides superior traction on demand. The rear diff can be locked for low speed pulls for starting on slippery or very angled grades.It is quite easy to maneuver on and off road. The ride is very stable and firm enough while never jarring. And despite commentary to the contrary, there is a mounting hole for spare tire on the right hand bed rail. For those convinced they will get a flat tire when loading up the bed, and making it difficult to access the in-bed trunk. That trunk by the way has a screw in plug for draining water is you decide to fill it up with ice to keep your recently caught trout fresh.Or use it to keep the brewskis and champagne cool, depending on the journey. There is rear sliding window, both rear seat sections fold up and away leaving generous floor space.

Average Rating : 4


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