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Vibe one of the top 2 most reliable cars in decade logo 7/6/2016 Kim Business

Vibe owners love our Vibes. Reliable, good acceleration, good mileage. Engine built by Toyota with Pontiac styling. Awesome killer sound system. Moonroof slides open, and can tilt vent too. I have owned my VIBE for 11 yrs. Wish they were still making new ones! Comfy ride (I am a very large person, and seats fit and feel great!). Nice feature...back of fold down seats is hard quality plastic which makes cargocompartment very durable. D rings in cargo for tying downs. Great visibility with all the windows. Sporty, spunky, practical and fun! (make sure airbags have been "fixed" on recall, check your VIN to see if "complete, there were 2 recalls on the same repair like most vehicles in U.S). No worries though GM dealers will fix in a snap. Still love my Vibe for all the reasons mentioned! Oh, the driver and passenger's seats open fold all the way bac in case you need to take a nap on a long trip etc. Cool sporty instrumentation too! Good handling around corners, if you get good tires, great handling in snow, and rain. Gas mileage is very good (ave. 29mpg city and highway together) Best in it's class! Come on Pontiac/GM/Toyota - please start making new Vibe's. Love'em, Love'em, want more of 'em!!!

Average Rating : 5


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