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vibration in gear logo 8/18/2015 Joe Rollings

When i bought the car thier was no vibration at all with the car in gear at a stop with the a/c on or off. At 11,000 miles like flicking on a switch. out of no where the vibration started. I know this because it was actually bothering my stomach. I brought in and at first i got the run around, told me it was the nature of the model. Then i insisted they find the problem. I spoke with the mechanic personally and he said he cleaned the throttle body, injectors and realigned the motor and wishbone. Seems to be better but not gone. Very earitating with a/c on. I suggested to the mechanic could it be a faulty a/c compressor clutch or something. He said that couldn't be it. I tried to gently powerbrake it just enough to bring it up about 50 RPM. Flelt much better. Im thinking the computer my not be bringing the rpm's up high enough at idle. Anybody else out there with these same issues?

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