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Vibrations and Shuddering is real! logo 6/24/2015 rainyday5

3rd CRV in 10 years. Always had LX AWD. Disappointed in the loss of all interior storage space. All that's left is awkwardly sized door pockets and a tiny console. Starting with a 2004 the loss is significant. The interior fabric and plastic is less durable as well. Vibrates after warm up in Drive and idling. This will then continue to 2000 rpm. Subtle but noticed especially by my motion sickness prone passengers. Shuddering happens sporadically when braking and near stopped. It feels like a manual about to stall out and is very prominent. Honda tells me its all inherent to the CVT and safe, but agree its annoying.

Favorite Feature : You can't beat the vertical height in the CRV trunk. According to the car my MPG has been better than advertised. I have hit 40 mpg with the a/c on a flat hwy going 55 in 85 degree weather.

Suggested Improvement : Bring back some storage to LX. Like seat pockets! Redo the door panel storage because its pretty useless. There has to be a way to get more storage in the center console. The plastic especially the cross hatch pattern panel in the door is way to scratch prone. Also very disappointed there is no option for a true tan interior, I hate the black. The black fabric on the arm rests is like loofah so there is forever dead skin visible on it.

Average Rating : 3.25


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