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Vilified transmissions or poor truck drivers? logo 8/7/2015 Raina

I like this truck a lot and I've tried them all, starting with a '87 Nissan, a '98 Ford, '00 Toyota Tacoma, a '04 chevy silverado, and '06 dodge ram (now a different co? What gives?) and this GMC is a powerful, comfortable, and reliable steel safety cage of a truck - we have an ACTUAL horse farm, tow REAL horses and tractors, and I live in SF, so I go out to Petaluma and back, three four times a week, up the grade to the GG Bridge in traffic, driving around the streets of SF in a truck too big to live here. So. To say this is hard working truck is putting it lightly. This is the best truck I've had, mostly because all truck companies make huge advances every year.29,000 miles in, I'm having some power loss on the hills of SF, a reluctance to go from gear to gear as traffic allows. Not real problems, mind you, but a general sense that I'm headed into the realm of transmission problems (hardly ever the actually transmission but the transfer cases and whatnot). My problem is something that can generally be rectified with a tune up, but I came on here to look at other folks issues with their 2014 sierras, just in case there was an issue others knew about that I should have checked out. Turns out I'm probably better off on the web boards. The reviews here are iffy.I'm surprised at the number of reviews details folks' issues with the Nav System and the headlights. You know you can change those out, right? Doesn't really affect the truck's performance. Obnoxious, but then, I'm equally surprised by the amount of folks' thinking they have problems with the transmission or the engine being hesitant at lower speeds - it occurs to me that there are more people in big trucks who aren't really knowledgeable about how to drive them. So, I write all this to beg those of you who are looking at trucks to ignore warnings about the engine or transmission being weak or unreliable or the front end being wonky - and remind potential truck buyers that opinions are [non-permissible content removed], everybody has one. I highly doubt anyone who was looking for a hard working truck and bought this one has anything bad to say about the 2014 GMC Sierra. But, if you were looking for a flashy fancy truck, you're right, probably should have stuck with the Ford.

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