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Volvo has customer service issues logo 3/17/2015 Andrian Kouznetsov

This is my fifth Volvo and the last one. I leased new XC70 2015 T6 AWD in and I have 15k miles on it. It is great car to some extend regardless of the price tag. It has unique combination of performance, luxury and utility and is well built. So what's the problem?Soon after I leased the car local dealership was closed and I learned that according to "Volvo's policies" I have to drive 200 miles distance to the next dealership to get scheduled maintenance. Is this reasonable? I tried working though Volvo customer service, but have been politely stonewalled, the company has no method of filing customer complaints. They all come back to the same person. March 2016 updateThe car behaves perfectly, after putting 20k miles on it, I like it more than right after the purchase. No mechanical issues or any issues. This car is really well built even comparing to previous Volvos that I had., Mileage 19 mpg in mixed city/freeway driving using premium gasoline. I changed oil three times and did tires balancing at about 17k miles. Further impressions - this is not performance "drivers car". But it got enough power to leave many "drivers cars" behind. You just use this power not for driving fun but for driving comfort. That's probably a good definition for this car - very comfortable. I decided to keep the car for a bit longer and bought out the lease. As for Volvo fixing customer service issues - there is no visible progress, they dropped all their customers after closing some dealerships.March 2017 updateThe car still is as good as new and I am liking it more with every month passing by. Still getting between 19 to 20 mpg and it is about 25k miles now. There is Volvo recall to upgrade the software for AWD system. Well now I do nave to drive 200 miles to closes dealership.

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