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VW Passat GLS V6 wagon (140K miles) logo 8/23/2015 Patrick

It is a great car for everyday use. I have mine for 6 years and I drove around 55K miles and it runs like a champ. These V6 engines are strong and hard to kill. The only thing I changed besides suspension, is timing ( which is normal every car, so is the oil), gaskets, thermostat, and water pump. Yes these are expensive parts, if you buy original like you should. I am a mechanic so every part I buy, I change it myself. This car is great for hauling cargo inside. So if you're looking for a first car and know something about how change little things and have budget limit to 5K, I suggest you get this car. Now it depends on a person, if you're planning on modifying like boosting, get a 1.8T, if not and want to have the car as a daily drive, get a V6. Why a V6 for a daily drive, because turbos are very expensive to replace, and you never know what the car went through with previous owner. You may also ask how is the mpg, well it's not perfect. After I changed the fuel pump and the filter, I started getting 13-15 in city, and 25-30 on highway at steady 60-70 mph, on premium 93 (recommended)

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