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VW saved my life again. logo 7/8/2016 Jeromy

Totaled my 93 Corrado in 2005. A few VWs later, I purchased a used Jetta after totaling the old Scion xB. There Wolfsburg had great seats, Aux port back in 07! Smooth shifting give speed with the wonderful but thirsty 5 cylinder engine. I loved this car to no end. Bought it October of 2015 and totaled on 22 December 2015. I was driving to work and blacked out around a curve going the posted speed limit of 55mph. crashed into a ditch, flipped violently five times and lucky came to test on the wheels. The car had cracked there engine block, radiator, before the transmission case in half and the car was absolutely mangled. I was airlifted to the trauma center in Wilmington and released that day. The tire truck operator had already marked the vehicle thinking that I died. Paramedics were shocked that I lived. There build quality was outstanding. The only reason I'm alive is there fact that these cars were engineered for that kind of thing. the passenger compartment stayed intact. the seat belts broke but I was okay. I actually wrote VWoA about this and they were in awe. I was diagnosed with narcolepsy after the accident. Next car will be my fifth VW, when I can drive again.

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