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Waited a year for the NX to arrive logo 7/5/2015 socaldriver15

I had been looking for a compact SUV for about a year and test drove pretty much everything on the market. I had been driving a 2001 Lexus RX300 and really loved that car and did not want the larger footprint of the newer RX models. My ideal car would be the layout of the old RX300 with updated electronics and slightly sportier handling, with the comfort typical of lexus and toyota seating. The new NX was the closest I could find to my ideal car. It has a footprint closer to the old RX than to the new RX and has sportier handling than the new RX. It can park in the compact spots in my parking garage at work although it is a tight fit.

Favorite Feature : One of my favorite features of the NC300h is the cool seat feature. Being warm in SoCal it is lovely to be able to get into the car and have cool air blowing on my neck when I'm driving. I use this feature most of the time in the summer and it is a better cool seat than other models I have test driven. I also like the seat comfort.

Suggested Improvement : I wish the seats were slightly wider as I have wide hips but overall the seats are one of the most comfortable on the market.I wish there were a little more trunk space but overall this car works really well for me.

Average Rating : 4.375


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