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"Wannabe" logo 7/5/2016 Walter Banta

I was looking for a truck that would replace my present vehicle, the one that I have driven successfully for 44 years. I doubt that Nissan would qualify. The six cylinder engine has an iron block - but it has aluminum heads - so given the different rates of expansion/contraction, head gasket failure was inevitable, eventually. The "timing chain" was much better than the "timing belt," but Nissan has faulty timing gears and a poor rating for servicing what they build - another negative. After rationalizing these detriments, I could not get a manual transmission to go with the six cylinder engine, which soured the deal completely. Lastly, I was left wondering what the parts/repair situation would look like fifteen years from now, so I have opted out of "new" trucks, and I will be looking for something older that "may" be more durable and offer me a few more good years. "The jury is still out" on the benefits of "older verses newer" and on "which truck might serve my needs." It may be a bit like looking for a Baptist preacher in the Vatican - doomed from the start.

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