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WARNING, DO NOT BUY CROSSTREK logo 12/6/2016 Steve

WARNING, DO NOT buy a Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid or a Crosstrek due to VERY POOR QUALITY.Subaru IS NOT building Hybrid models any longer because the hybrid system is faulty after 2016.What does this mean? Repair costs will be high. Parts will be expensive. Long wait times since technicians no longer need to be certified so there will be less technicians available to fix your car.There is a critical fault in the hybrid motor that will cost you $1,000s and these issues will persistOur car only has 56k miles and it's been in the shop for 2 months. They also replaced the driver's seat because the metal frame was sticking thru the leather? Poor quality.We bought a new 2014 Crosstrek hybrid for $31k, 2.7 years ago.Today, 5 Dec 2016, Subaru offered $12,500 for the trade-in? This car depreciates fast. YOU WILL LOSE $12,000 if you buy new after the first year and $19,000 after (2) years. Meanwhile, they get rich.Subaru is not the Subaru we once knew. They are making cheap products that break more often and the car no longer holds the value it once did.PLEASE MAKE A SMART DECISION. It's your money. And they don't care about it.

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