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Was a good vehicle until ... logo 7/8/2015 Cindy

...the engine blew at 130,000 miles. I really enjoyed driving my jeep and loved the room that it had. I took good care of it and had expected it to last a lot longer than what it did. Like I have read from so many others, my jeep engine blew up at just 130,000 miles. There was no sign of an oil leak and I didn't notice anything out of sorts until one day it started to knock and the engine blew a rod. I had regular oil changes and maintenance at the jeep dealer here in my town. For all of you saying that those of us that had engine failure with our jeeps that we didn't take care of them, that is not true. The jeep engine has a flaw and the manufacturer should comp us for this. Having a vehicle fail at only 130,000 miles put me into major disarray as I have no family where I live or close and had to get to work daily which required bumming a ride and borrowing a friends car for a week until I could get a day (1 day) to find another vehicle to purchase. I had to rent a car to go look at vehicles even. Hence now I have car payments again. For as much as vehicles cost there is NO WAY that they should have engine failure at 130,000 miles. Needless to say I went from an EXTREMELY proud and happy Jeep owner to an EXTREMELY upset and disgruntled undrivable jeep owner. I also had other issues that, as I have done research, find are very common and expected on my model of jeep. My power window motor stopped working and I ended up having to Duct tape it up so it wouldn't rain in my jeep. It was a back window that didn't get frequent use as I rarely had anyone sit in the back. I had bearing problems with some front end bearings, my leather front seats did not wear well at all, and now the recall for the gas tank , which I can't get my jeep fixed because I would have to pay a tow truck to take it to the shop. So now when I go to sell it for parts, or if someone wants to fix it up, the recall of the gas tank could be a major issue with selling it. Such a shame to trust a "respected" brand and find out that lots of others have had the same issue and that the manufacturer will not make this right with us. I will NEVER own another Jeep and have since changed completely from US made vehicles to foreign made. My ratings are based on how the vehicle performed Before the motor blew up. I would recommend anyone that wants to purchase a Jeep to reconsider7-13-2016I was asked to update my review, the Jeep Liberty still sucks. Jeep should issue a recall for this issue of the motor blowing up at 130000 miles. Not signs of issues at all, just blew. DO NOT BUY A JEEP1-14-17- I was asked to update, jeep was sold for a measly $800 . If it was dependable I would still be driving it today. Jeep should still cover faulty engines! ! I am still stressing : DO NOT BUY A JEEP

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