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Was given as a gift, but like riding a moped logo 7/6/2016 Clovis

I got this car from my mom who no longer wants the hassle of driving stick and licensing and insuring it. It was a free car, but it had been in my family since 95. Minimal maintenance, a little surface rust from winter driving and sitting for over a year and a half in a back garage. Did an oil and oil/air filter change and she fired right up. Took a little for the brakes to scrape off the rust from the rotors, but she ran like a champ. Put Techron in and refilled the tank to clean the fuel delivery systems. It's bright yellow and has those 90's wave graphics on the side in purple in grey, so it's not the manliest car, and I'd almost say I'm embarrased to be seen in it, but it's a great throwback and a nice insurance policy if gas goes back to 4$ a gallon, and a unique a spare car and a convertible on sunny days, so I don't care. Pick up is actually better than you would think, but the car weighs a 1/3 of my 2013 G37 coupe. You really understand the advancements cars have made over the years and how spoiled we've become, but also how much fun the simple things can be. Next sunny day, I will be driving her around.

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