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Wasn't sure about this car at first... logo 7/9/2015 Joel H

.., but I LOVE it & so does everyone else. The S80 e-Drive Platinum 2015.5 is under-marketed and you likely aren't chomping at the bit to buy one. Do not make the mistake of believing what is said about the performance of the professional reviewer even if you are an aggressive driver. I wanted a car that met the following criteria: going to be around for 10 years, protect me from the bad drivers on the road today, deliver zippy performance, provide efficient gas mileage and be comfortable and fun to drive. I am so glad i got in the S80 at the dealer. I almost got the S60 but decided the 80 was larger and a better fit for me since i'm 6'2 and over 200. My son is already 6' at age 14 so space would have been tight for the family in the S60. I looked at lots of cars and realized i'm not the guy for those that look pompous. I wanted understated, classy, strong value and safe. I've got 10k on this now and not one thing has caused me an issue other than figuring out how to setup my Volvo connection account. Their customer service solved the problem very quickly. Everyone that rides in it is amazed and says things like "well, I never" and "beautiful" and "what kind of car is this again?". The technology is significantly advanced over the 2015. I would purchase it again in a heartbeat. Two complaints. First, there is no defined place for sunglasses and they go into a compartment behind the radio or the central bin between the seats. The compartment behind the radio is most convenient but they fly out when you swing around a sharp corner fast. I do that a lot. Second, the cup holders for the front seat are too close together. As a result, my venti iced latte and my wife's drink like to pop the lid off one another. Take one for a nice long drive and see if you can return it to the lot. I could not and look forward to handing this off to my oldest when she graduates college in 7 years.

Average Rating : 5


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