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Waste of time and money logo 8/19/2015

Yes its a luxurious car, awesome look/appearance, sound of V8 and exhaust are exciting. Interior specious but cargo space is smaller than chevy malibu. From day one vehicle shows to be a very time consuming burden. I can easily afford kep up of this expensive vehicle but no mater where you go not a single shop is happy to service this poorly built non sense. The vehicle is so unpopular that even dealer has no idea of occurring problems and how addressing the issue. Motor started to leak oil by 80k miles, my work vehicle chevy impala ith over 200k miles does not have a motor leak as of yet. Suspension went down due to front shock leaks. AC system had hose leak. Later sunroof began to stock. Interior: Privacy curtain has ripped, transmission shift cover broke in half, passenger seat leather ripped and was impossible to replace got it done though. All of the interior buttons peeled making car look very trashy got it replaced, later drop down mirrors in the back broke. By that time cost came over $13k on maintenance while value of the car went down by more than a half. Then I got tired of looking for a shops that would fix this so called car when dealer could not. Got rid of it and my life became a life again.

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