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"We are either a minivan family or a Flex family" logo 12/8/2016 DK

If you want the space of a minivan without the stigma and are not into a gas guzzling SUV, this is the vehicle for you! We have three large dogs and two kids, so when we need to take the entire family, fuzzy butts and all, on a long trip, we don't have much of an option. The quote, "We are either a minivan family or a Flex family", was the seller for my husband who hates the idea of driving a minivan but also happens to be 6'7". He can sit in the second row and still have leg room. He was sold on that alone, but the retro look of the boxy wagon, while widely appealing to me, was not on his short list of replacements for the minivan. Now, don't get me wrong, you will lose space in this option over a minivan with sto and go seating, but it is the best option we have found that doesn't make my husband feel like a total domestic loser. I loved both, the minivan with it's sliding doors and massive interior, and the flex with the appealing exterior (IMHO). I liked the minivan better from the capacity, but for an everyday car, the Flex is a much better option. The ride is comfortable and getting 7 people in the car when the in-laws come to visit keeps us from having to spill into two cars to get anywhere. As for the missing interior space, well, the roof rack and two hitch were a must after trying to take the kids and the dogs on a 10 hour drive. We are looking to trade in our current and getting another one with those options or to add them after market at a much lesser expense. However, the after market accessory choice doesn't come with the new car smell, so we shall see if Santa will come a bit early and I can pretend I am in one of those Christmas car commercials with a really big bow in my driveway.

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