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We Call It "The Turnip" logo 8/26/2015 Dave Kopczynski

After owning nothing but Camrys since 1989, and being completely satisfied with them, we decided to "upgrade" to the Toyota "Flagship", assuming that it would be nicer than the Camrys. This was the biggest car buying mistake of my life! Our 2014 Avalon Limited has the harshest ride and the most road noise of any car we have ever owned. We refer to it as "The Turnip" because we feel the ride and noise would be what you would expect from a turnip truck used on a farm to transport vegetables. The seats are about as comfortable as sitting on a sheet of plywood. Understand that we think the deep metallic red Avalon is one of the prettiest cars on the road. We get a lot of compliments on the appearance of the car, and I always try to sell it to the people making the compliment.However, when new people ride in the car, the comment is something like, "What were you thinking? Did you even drive this thing before you bought it?" Regrettably, I didn't drive the car; I went entirely on Toyota's reputation for quality and the terrific Avalon reputation for a quiet, almost luxury car ride, in an affordable vehicle.Toyota says they redefined the ride to appeal to a younger (40-ish) group of potential buyers. I really don't see where a "neck-snapping" noisy ride would appeal to people in any age group.A few other complaints: 1. Navigation system is already out of date; 2. Analog and digital speed indications are different; 3. Rattles are starting to appear; 4. Sound system is very unimpressive compared to systems in our other cars. I have tried several times to trade this car for something (almost anything) else. Car dealers KNOW the Avalon's new reputation, and the trade-in value is below the low end of the Kelly Blue Book range of values. The saddest event was when I test drove a Ford F-150 pickup truck and the ride quality and lack of road noise was FAR superior to the Avalon.Summary: If you feel you simply MUST consider this car, take it for an EXTENDED test drive before signing the paperwork!! Drive down a highway at 60 MPH and just listen to the road noise!! There doesn't seem to be adequate sound insulation in the body. READ READ READ the reviews!!!Better yet, buy something else.Update: After trying several times, we have not been able to get rid of this car. Dealers know that this is not the quiet comfortable car that Avalon used to be. The car has very low mileage and is in absolutely flawless condition, but we have not been able to get within $2000 of KBB or NADA trade in value. This car was a very poor choice.

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