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We fight over who gets to drive it logo 6/14/2017 Mr. Light

I purchased a used 2013 Leaf (lease return) with 30k miles for $6400. What other car can you do that with? It's like a brand new car, very tight and quiet with no rattles or annoying noises. At the time it had full bars but we lost one around 35k miles. We had been a one car family (2007 Lexus RX350) for a number of years until our kids started getting into a lot of after school activities and we found ourselves needing a second car.......but still only once in a while. I was originally looking at the Fiat 500e because the lease deals are ridiculously cheap but the car is a shoebox. The Leafs are similarly priced but a lot more car for the money. Then I saw what they were going for used and decided to pull the trigger. I waited until a good deal showed up, talked the gentleman down a little more and drove off with a 2.5 year old car for a little more than $6k. My wife is very particular and will nitpick about the smallest details. I assumed this would be my car and I'd use it those 4-5 times a month that we need a second car. Go wife LOVES the car! I mean, I do too but I'll drive just about anything and be happy. We've only had it 3 months and we're hooked. I don't know that I'll ever buy another gas car. We've only put gas in the Lexus a few times as it really only gets used for longer trips now, sitting unused for weeks on end. I was a little hesitant to buy this car because the car reviewers typically give it average ratings. I'm not sure what it takes to make them happy because I've owned just about every car under the sun, including some very nice ones and this is my favorite. We live in a warm part of southern california so I'm a little apprehensive about what the heat is going to do to the battery but the way I see it is: even if the battery completely dies in a few years, I'm still ahead of the game because it costs almost nothing to drive. Our electricity bill has gone up about $30 a month which is a quarter of what we were paying in gas and aside from tires there's literally no maintenance. When this thing dies we'll be moving onto either a Bolt or Tesla Model 3 as the range is the only complaint I have of this car.

Average Rating : 4


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