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Weekend car... Thats all logo 7/20/2015 DiVa_3181377

Update:Seems i am still working on it. Serviced the drive shaft and now the engine mounts are due. After this, i need to fix the interior. Using regular fuel now. Other than the slight knocking, car seems to run fine. Now i have to keep it for few more years since i did all the work and not worth selling Original:Bought a used one 3 years back with 112K. Most of the parts which last a longer than a VW or a Honda, this car needs replacement. I started from the struts, shocks, brakes, complete rear suspension overhaul (bushings, links etc), all fluids, then the DME (engine computer) and then the whole cooling system replacement. Replaced most of the parts and since the steering is not rock solid as the VW that i have with 118K. Also it whines (differential / central bearing) which is really annoying. Spend almost 5K on repair while doing my self and still not done. Except engine and transmission, everything else needs replacement at 100K. Now the car is reliable and can drive, but not silent (the stupid whine of some bearing) and the loose steering. City mpg is like 20+ with premium (with regular also it is same). AC barely cools in Texas summer. 2.5L I 6 engine produces 170hp with 181ft torque which is same as I4 engine of a VW turbo. Big engine, not that fast / high in specs. It sounds nice, looks cool. That's all. If you know how to fix cars, this car is for you. It can last like 300k. Engine (except the VANOS seals and VCG), has been rock solid. Also the transmission. Just like all the BMW's, anything else is not reliable. It is a fun car (not so much for 0-60).

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