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Well designed sports sedan logo 4/5/2017 g35dave

I bought my G35 used with only 12k miles and now it has 101k. I love the design of the G35, both inside and out. The interior is very classy and sleek. I think the later updates like the G37 lost some of the good looks. The performance is fun, and though the car feels heavy on the road, it's fun to drive, and the engine sound is great. It jumps off the line, but the AT shifting isn't the smoothest. I've been disappointed by the gas mileage, often around 16mpg in the city and 24 on the highway. With climate change out of control and oil companies controlling our government, I hate giving money to those sociopaths. My next car will be electric. You can't rotate the tires, so they don't last super long. It has some serious blind spots you need to be aware of. And there are a few problem areas that pop up - control arm bushings go bad, brakes don't last too long and tend to squeal, a bad cam shaft sensor recently made my car die on the freeway, truck release wire snapped, miscellaneous electrical issues, and a lot of random rattles and ticks in the dashboard that can't be located or silenced. I wouldn't say it's unreliable, but it's not the most reliable car I've owned. My wife has a bad back and the passenger seat isn't comfortable for her. All these issues aside, I've really enjoyed the car and don't regret buying it.

Average Rating : 4


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