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What a car! logo 6/14/2016 tbrail

I've had my Rally Red EX Trubo sedan for a little over three months. We just took it on a 2500 mile trip across several states. As a result, I have to write something in praise of this car. I've owned Civics in the past, and this car is nothing like them. It is much roomier. It is quieter. It is smoother. It is more comfortable. It is much quicker. And the economy is incredible. I specifically wanted the turbo as in the past Honda has tried to compensate for under-powered cars by using the transmission to downshift. But now, the turbo kicks in when you need it. I set the cruise for 75 mph and we pulled long steep mountain passes (6%+ grade) without breaking a sweat (didn't have to turn off the air conditioner, didn't have to downshift, just a slight increase in rpms). All the while averaging over 45 mpg for the entire 2500 miles (one tank was 49 mpg - but we had a tailwind). The climate control was flawless keeping us completely comfortable at high mountain altitudes down to high temperature plains. The only word I can use to describe this trip in this car is AMAZING!! And I don't write many reviews of anything, but I thought people ought to know that Honda has knocked it completely out of the park with this car.I've driven other competitors to this car as rental cars, and while I have enjoyed them and found them very nice (GM, Ford, Nissan), this little Honda is the total package. The only place they missed was badging it as a turbo, and putting chrome tips on the dual exhaust out the bumper in the back. I have always been impressed by the reliability of the Honda's I have owned and I expect no less from this beauty. You can buy or lease this car with total confidence and you are going to have a great ride with outstanding economy at a very attractive price. Don't hesitate!

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