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What a great SUV logo 6/16/2015 trdpro

I drove a 14 Lexus GX460 and the rear barn door drove me crazy but I loved the KDSS suspension on it so I moved to the 15 limited 4runner for three days and switched to the 15 4runner trail edition for the KDSS. I love this SUV the interior volume of storage is huge. I can put 4 bicycles vertically without the front wheels on fork mounts no problems. I love the flat folding second row seats which make the cargo floor flat. The truck corners pretty flat on road and rides exactly like my Lexus GX 460. It does have more nose dive than the limited and GX. Brakes are grabby. I put the TRD Pro front grill and wheels on it and it is one of the best looking suvs I have bought.

Favorite Feature : KDSS! do not buy this SUV without the KDSS. XREAS is not as good as KDSS. I wish they had the TRD PRO version when I went to buy one but no one has it. Love the second row fold down mechanism for big storage. Great Entune system. Love the big HVAC knobs.. no stupid tiny buttons or going through nav to control fan speed like on my Lexus. Love the way the SUV looks with TRD Pro parts.

Suggested Improvement : Make a trail version with the limited features such as keyless entry, side warning, back up sensors, auto headlights. So make a trail limited version or better yet a trd pro trail limited version.

Average Rating : 4.875


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