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What a move fro a low riding sports car to an SUV logo 9/13/2015 Stephanie M

I had owned a sports car for almost 10 years but as my 66th birthday loomed it was getting harder and harder to get out without difficulty. My son, who is an avid Honda fan and owner, had done his homework and highly recommended this model for me. It was love at first much easier to get in & out of and I was surprised that, even though it was beefier than my Mazda, it takes up less space in my garage.New rides always take a while to get used to but so far I'm enjoying every moment. My small dog always loved to stand between the seats with her front feet on the console. Now she feels like a queen so high up. I was worried about her scratching the leather console but a neoprene sleeve fits perfect over the lid. Looking forward to many adventures in my new HR-V

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