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What a nightmare! logo 7/24/2015 redskins78

What a piece of crap.1. My dome lights leak water when it rains -- dripped and shorted out my stereo.2. When the AC is on, it leaks into my drivers floorboards.3. Real Calibers out at 90k miles4. ALL ball joints needed replaced at 95k5. Alternator dead at 100k6. Two engine pullies replaced at 100k (major rattle)7. Front struts replaced at 100k8. Rotors at 100k9. I get about 17 MPG city, and 20 MPG highwayNOW... after putting $3500 into it over the past 9 months, it's riding better than ever... and what happens? My transmission oil overheats and I lose all acceleration while going 80mph on the the highway. I don't know how much that is going to cost, but I'm getting rid of it before I put another DOLLAR into it.Get on the Jeep Patriot message boards and see how common the dome light and AC leaking are. Same with the ball joints and the transmission oil issue. HUNK OF JUNK. Great exterior and interior... but total crap everywhere else.

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