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What a pile of junk! logo 7/10/2016 topfuel564

Coming from a Ford fusion sport that was 5 years old, this thing is a HUGE disappointment. Very poor design and functionality. I can't adjust the seats to what I need to support my long legs. The stereo doesn't stay on after the engine is turned off, every other car in the world does this. Stereo is the worst sounding I've heard in a new car since my 1997 pontiac grand prix. Infotainment system is clunky and hard to use, not intuitive in the least. No rubber trays in the bottom of the cup holders and interior storage trays, things rattle and slide and it's way more difficult to clean. The rear seats don't go down after you pull the releases, you have to open the rear doors and pull down on the seat backs. The camera on the passenger side makes no sense when your biggest blind spot is on the left. The drivability of this car is the worst of any vehicle I have ever owned including a 31 year old truck truck with warped brake rotors that stops smoother. The transmission is AWFUL, I have never experienced a normal automatic transmission that behaves like this one does. Sport mode seems to make it behave worse if that is possible. From a stoplight I sped up to 45-50 mph then let off the gas, the car stopped on its own before I got to the next light. Going down a hill starting at 50 mph the car slowed down to 40 mph at the bottom and the tachometer was at 4,000 rpm. Even in normal drive you let off the gas to roll around a corner the car starts slowing down on it's own. Going uphill when you accelerate the car will lag for a second or two before it will downshift hard. The brakes will grab several times as the car slows down from 45 mph occasionally hard enough to snap my head back into the headrest. I cannot stand this car, I absolutely hate it with a passion. I should have stayed with Ford.

Average Rating : 2


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