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What a sexy little beast! logo 4/28/2016 Trisha Vilhauer

This is actually my 5th Kia. I have owned a 2003 Kia Spectra, 2013 Kia Optima, 2016 Kia Optima, 2016 Kia Sorento, and not this beautiful 2017 Kia Sportage. I got the Sportage to replace the Sorento. I owned the Sorento for only 2 months before things started to break. It only had 1000 miles on it before the sun roof broke, and the trim pieces around the door started falling off. I never could get the UVO system to work properly. When I went to the dealership the Sportage was what I wanted, but they didn't have it in the trim level that I wanted and when they did get one in I wasn't impressed. When I took my Sorento in for repairs that's when I saw the 2017 Sportage and decided that this was a huge upgrade from the 2016. So I went all in. So far I'm really impressed with this car. The look is sexy and sporty, and fun. The interior feels expensive (in most places), the tech package and all of the upgrades are awesome. This car has it all. It drives and handles great, and I love that the turbo engine give me all of the power I need to pass easily, and move in and through traffic without worrying about having the get up to make it into tight spaces. I can see myself driving this car for 10+ years. Pros: Excellent technology package, TONS of features like autonomous breaking, front collision warning, ventilated and heated seats, beautiful styling and I LOVE the dark brown leather seats. Lots of power and speed when it's needed, comfortable ride, and the car feels spacious. Placement of all of the controls is perfect, everything is easy to find and easy to use. Android Auto is AWESOME!!! Cons: Some of the finishes feel a little cheap. I would have been willing to pay a little more for visors that don't feel like they are made of cheap plastic, The lack of the memory seat function, and the lack of the easy entry seat also gives the car a little bit of a cheap feeling. These things are very noticeable because the rest of the finishes are better quality. It would be nice if this car had the same luxury feel that the Sorento has. UVO system is still troublesome. I can only get the eServices portion to sync to my phone sporadically, and it's a bummer that you need to have the phone plugged in to use it. Same with Android Auto there seem to be a few glitches like after taking a call the Google Play Music won't restart. I believe some of these things will be fixed throughout the year as updates are released. Still it would be nice to be able to use these functions via Bluetooth instead of needing to plug the phone in. More road noise than the Sorento, and the Optima. Bottom line this is a GREAT car, and I look forward to many years of enjoyment from it.

Average Rating : 5


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