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What do the pro's know? logo 8/4/2015 Chris

Apparently not what some one buying a Jeep wants. All the pros write negative reviews about the Patriot. They bash the interior, the acceleration, and lack of gimmicky gagetes. So having read what they did not like and what they saw as better, I ran right out and bought one!!This is a true small Jeep!!Acceleration: great for a 4 cylinder that is also geared for light towing and off road.Interior: I think they are really stretching and looking for something to say negative. I have the sport model so it is the base model. I have no complaints at all except the standard Jeep complaint about the straight up and down rear seat. There is an optional seat that will tilt back some. I feel that should be standard on all models.As far as the pros comments. Will they should stick to reviewing automobiles that have been transformed into SUV,s. They have quite plush rides and snazzy interiors and lots of dodads to entertain you as you sit in city traffic. They are all wheel drive that will enhance it's ability in the snow and rain. They are not meant for off road or use beyond that of an automobile.

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