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What great ride! logo 12/10/2016 Leo M

I purchased this Car November 19, 2016. Its a base model Lusso with no real upgrades. I have had an extended highway trip and several day trips and I have fallen in love with this car. I owned an 85 Fiat Spider 2000 and I am partial to the Italian styling evident in the body design. Needless to say the performance over the 85 model cannot be compared. The 1.4l turbo accelerates on demand and shifts smoothly up and down. I am using the Asin auto transmission. The road handling and cornering are sharp and responsive. Even so, its a smooth highway drive even on long trips. Its not the fastest 0-60 but it is quick. In my opinion, the base sound system is adequate for all but the most serious audio enthusiasts. I stream Pandora thru my phone and the sound is terrific once adjusted for treble, bass and balance. So my major positives are style and road handling. The only major drawbacks are leg room and trunk space. I am 6'1" and I can fold my knees into a comfortable driving position, but there is not enough room for my big feet. Strangely, I have more than enough head room with the top up. If you have big feet there is limited room for the clutch, hence my selection of the auto trans. Any over 6'2" will have difficulty driving this car and they will not fit in the passenger seat due to the trim located where the glove box should be. There is very limited storage space inside the passenger compartment. The trunk has enough room for two small duffel bags and a computer bag. That's fine for my use as a weekender car. Price point for base Lusso is very attractive. In my opinion, a lot of the extras in tech package are not necessary or worth the addt expense. Lastly, when people see it they will think its a Miata or they ask what it is. Personally, I do not think it looks that much like a Miata but there are not many on the road yet, so its understandable for mistake. its a great car for those looking for a fun weekender.

Average Rating : 5


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