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What is Edmunds thinking!!! logo 5/7/2015 llpowelljr

Edmunds, I have no idea what the B rating is about , but your the experts. Granted , this is my first time in the 35,000-$45,000 segment, This is by far the best Car Ive ever owned. To step up to this level in automobile was so important. So I wanted value above all. and this car offers that and some. Ive read all the reviews, and looked at other brands as well.Its very responsive but not as spirited as some german brands, but very complete in performance for only its 2nd Generation. Future is bright for this car and Hyundai/Kia. It offers way to much for your money that the others brands will have to adjust. Well done Hyundai!!!

Favorite Feature : I went for the tech package, I felt like thats where you get the most for your money for the features you want. For what is offered in the ultimate, i could do without. I dont have any favorite features. I just love the car as a whole. Found myself coming out for break at work just to stare at it. It is truly a beautiful machine!!!

Suggested Improvement : Push start on the key fob, Bigger sunroof,

Average Rating : 5


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