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What kind of meds are the hamsters on? logo 8/30/2015 John Ranous

The Soul is a vehicle with great potential. Good looks. Nice interior. Lots of room (I'm 6'4"). Good entertainment system in my base model. BUT, with just 12000 miles on the odometer, I've got a rattle in the front suspension AND the steering column. The big negative for the Soul is the suspension. Everyone describes it as firm. I'd say brutally, and unnecessarily stiff. If you are fortunate enough to drive nothing but new pavement, you will love this vehicle. Real world roads bring out the worst in the Soul's road manners. I drive 22 miles to work, and I've been introduced to every pavement fault along the route. You soon learn to avoid the big ones, or suffer the bone jarring consequences. But, even the small irregularities are magnified to uncomfortable proportions. Lots of road noise...suspension I know why the hamsters have the music cranked up. If you are considering a Soul, give it a good real world test drive, or rent one for a weekend.

Average Rating : 2


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