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What the automotive magazines should tell shoppers logo 6/13/2017 2014 Mustang Owner

Model - 2014 Mustang GT Premium with the 5.0L V8 and the 6 spd manual. Engine - Excellent rendition of a smooth Japanese V8 with DOHC and VTec, but it lacks the torque and immediacy of the old 5.0L small block. You will need to rev the engine well beyond 4k rpm to realize any benefit over a V6 sedan. Transmission - The 6 speed MT-82 Getrag is a huge disappointment. Not only is it produced in China with inferior parts and construction, but the shifter is remotely mounted making gear changes a nightmare when the vehicle is side loaded. When you combine the remote mounted shift mechanism with the stock Turkish sourced clutch assembly (that can't handle the full rpm range of the engine) you end up with a non-performer. Expect to be locked out of gear while the clutch pedal sits stuck to the floor anytime you're shifting over 6k rpm with the stock components. Attached to the transmission is a heavy two-piece driveshaft, which was needed when Ford went to the short MT-82. The clunks you will hear during stop and go traffic are caused by its excess weight and play in the joint. Some people are able to adjust their clutch engagement method to dampen the severity of the noise. Brakes - Find a model with the track package containing up-sized Brembo calipers. The stock GT brakes are adequate once you get used to the soft squishy pedal sinking to the floor on hard stops. Steering - This model came with numb electric power steering. There are 3 modes to adjust the weight, but the system just reduces the electric assist instead of providing actual feedback. Don't hop from a sports car into the Mustang expecting a road course ready car. Ford provides a good engine with a car wrapped around it and expects the owner and aftermarket suppliers to perform the engineering and troubleshooting that should have been done at the factory. All the problems have solutions, but not all owners will have the time or money to implement them.

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