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what would you expect logo 4/17/2015 Christopher Panza

We all know the mystique behind the name Mercedes and its the same mystique that porsche and bmw and now the audi's have. Engine power and design and the blue print of a car that is/was ahead of its time. My SL is what it was when it was 100,000 of the showroom floor, an engineering marvel. Just as the porsche's I have owned. If you spent $100,000 on an American made car in the mid 90's the only ones that would be worth a damn today would be the ones never or rarely driven. German or Japanese and you cannot go wrong. Stay away from the audis however, they havent figured out the turbo debacle yet

Favorite Feature : The stance of the amg package, the wide body and the power that this v6 puts out and with 100,000 miles on it. AMG rims are still just bad ass looking.

Suggested Improvement : hydrolic system for the soft top could be revised

Average Rating : 5


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