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Where do i start? logo 8/14/2015 Gianni

The good: great performance, power, interior build quality, MPG.The bad: .......Expensive maintenance, engineering flaws abound.... HPFP not engineered to USA diesel tolerances. 7K $ repair, DPF (filter that once clogged under 150K miles cost several thousand dollars.) How do you engineer a car with known issues that are so expensive to repair? intake manifold went around 120k. Then the EGR problems and limp mode. I unloaded the car with 160k miles once the wastegate actuator went on the turbo. Oh yeah, good luck if your turbo will....another several thousand dollars. I know 2 others whose turbo blew before 150k. That is why i got rid of this money-sucking headache. Shame on you VW ! Lawsuits, and building a car just shy of a lemon.VW ...NEVER AGAIN

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