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Where i went wrong logo 9/5/2015 Larry

Bought a 06 Bmw x5 6months ago within the first two weeks i knew where i went wrong BOUGHT A BMWHere's the thing about it Yes it runs rides and handles awesome but that doesn't make up for the lemon it isWithin the first two weeks the mirrors started going crazy then the rear wiper wouldn't stop honestly it ran until it stripped the splines the headliner started falling and when i push nearly any button on the dash as soon as i lift my finger the buttons fly off at me then the driver window fell next the passenger fell followed by the right rear im like lmao $13k just thrown away not to mention burning a quart of oil every 1k miles As far as traveling yeah i trust it but im worried about the electrical system but who knows what part Will [non-permissible content removed] nextBy the way FOR SELL $8KMy loss your gain

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