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Who allowed this electronics interface to be released??? logo 7/1/2015 whomp

Over my driving life, I've owned more than 30 cars of many different makes and models. I've spent my 20 year career in technology. I enjoy cars and I love tech and am tech savvy. This car, by far, has the absolute worst electronics interface I've ever seen. I had read it was bad, but with my experience thought, how bad can it really be? Well, it's awful... I'm frankly dumbfounded. Toyota is known for being overly intrusive / nannyish, but this is absurd. There aren't preset buttons to change the station, just steering wheel controls. It always want to show the map and overlay other info (but only for a little while).In short, it kind of ruins what is otherwise a really great car.


Favorite Feature : Seats are comfortable (esp driver), love the cooling and heating option, ride is compliant and quiet, but controlled. It's not sporty, but it's not overly squishy either (though not german quality in its ride). Lot's of great storage options inside the vehicle, and good use of space. Nice back seat room and love that you can recline and slide the seat forward and back. Very competitive pricing for the features you get.

Suggested Improvement : Fix the electronics stuff, please! Go drive a BMW or Audi for lessons on what to do. Put a decent quality backup camera instead of the grainy, cheapo camera you used. Update your transmission to 8 speed vs. 6. Make it easier to get the DVD video screen in the back without having to literally purchase every single option available, and put more cars on the lots in the US with that in it.

Average Rating : 3.875


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