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Who knew VW had a 10 year warranty on the paint logo 8/6/2015 Andy

Let me tell you that VW has a transferable body paint warranty that can be used to buff out scratches and winterize the car's exterior paint job (this is great in Ohio winters.) This EOS has not given me much problems and has never left me stranded. I bought the car used in March 2013 and aside from one issue (the panel on the hard top not opening all the way) I have never had to bring the EOS to the shop. Oil changes every 5,000 miles. The top is so versatile and fun to drive. I have gotten as high as 35 MPG when I used 93 octane gas. Average about 27-30 MPG per tank. This car is great! All the features still work, but the roof is squeaky. To solve that problem I have ordered Krytox from amazon, albeit expensive I will lubricate the seals this fall.

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