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Why did I buy this??? logo 4/12/2015 norfla71

Truck is a long bed automatic; 101,000 miles.Engine issues so far started with all the emissions garbage; 3 turbos, 2 injectors, MAF, FRV and Rail Pressure sensor, 3 low pressure fuel pumps, 2 valve bodies, seat motor, both headlight lenses delaminated. Repairs so far have cost about $3,000, just within the last 6 months. Poor fit and finish have also plagued this beast; wide door and hood gaps, door and dash rattles, fragile interior plastics, poor seat padding and more. The Miata of crew cabs; tiny rear cab area.This past year the truck has been down more than it has run; I don't see how anyone using this truck commercially, can make money. If you pull an RV, look elsewhere.

Favorite Feature : Comparitively speaking, repairs are easier than the other HD brands; at least I can see the ground and block from the top of the engine bay. Parts are also relatively cheap, if you shop around (usually, big rig repair shop have OEM Cummins parts much cheaper than the dealer). And the engine is the only industrial design of the 3. Interior is simple and straight forward, and everything is easily removed for repair or replacement.

Suggested Improvement : Look to either a 4th gen or older Ford.

Average Rating : 2.625


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