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Why me!!! logo 4/14/2015 nalder620

700 characters...not enough. Since day one, this car has been the most unreliable piece of poop I have ever owned. Fiat Canada has washed their hands of me, but i have decided to make all know, DO NOT BUY A FIAT!!! New transmission, new suspension, new clutch bearings, new PCM computer, rattling all over, paint peeling, lights burning out all over the place, 35 trips to the dealer and problems that they can not even fix after 8 tries!!! My car sounds like it want to start, but does not catch, have to do everything from the beginning and will start on the second shot! Thank goodness I bought a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty!!! I feel bad for those that only had a 3 year warranty :(.

Favorite Feature : I love the look and the fuel economy, when the car drives at 100km/h, but over that, very normal and nothing special at all. At 120km/h, good luck getting 500km to the tank. Stereo is alright, but cannot be upgraded very easily. Leather is nice, but is showing major wear after only three years. Paint is very thin coats, maybe two or three max. I think they used water colours that wash off in the rain! Head rests ned to be replaced with rocks!!! Service has been great at the dealer, but repairing the car requires a dart board to figure out how to do so!!! Links repaired 4 times so far! rattling twice, every repair more than once or twice or five times!!!

Suggested Improvement : Take better care of customers when they buy the biggest lemon on North America!!! Purchase car from customer and replace with a new one. I will be blogging about negative aspects again soon and I will create a website devoted to angry Fiat owners, we will stand up and fight for the right to be taken seriously when we buy a lemon Chrysler product.

Average Rating : 2.5


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