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Why would you need a HORN?! logo 8/10/2015 connie

We have owned out 2012 Equinox since Dec. of 2011. Beginning in Jan. of 2015 the horns have gone out 4 times. Thanks to the extended warranty we purchased when we bought the car , they have been replaced 3 times. The first time they went out the dealer said it was a very unusual happening , this was January 2015. Mar. 2015 they quit working again and were replaced with the comments that they didn't think they had ever replaced them twice on a vehicle like this. May 2015---out again. This time I made a call directly to GM and was told that this hasn't happened before. I really don't care about before but do care about my car. After explaining the horn troubles twice they decided that it might be water but DUH I live in northern Iowa and the roads do get wet! They then transferred me to a senior advisor and I retold my story. Her solution was that I had bought the extended warranty so no problem--get them fixed. I said I had 50,000 miles left but at the rate they horns were going out I would have to return to the dealer 25 more time. Her response was simply that the warranty would cover them!! Who cares--each time it is a 20mile drive each way , and about an hour repair time...WHO is reimbursing me for that? She then suggested that I not use the car wash, the same one I had washed it in for the first 3 years of ownership and the horns were fine . Again MY PROBLEM not theirs! The solution that was finally given my dealership was to drill holes in the horns for water to seep after the last car wash I did not have horns for 2 weeks while I waited for the water to drain. Second complaint--- at 59,000 miles the seat is cracking. I was already very unhappy with the leather seats due to the little tiny holes in the leather that fill with any little piece of whatever is on them . The only way to get them clean is to poke each little hole with a toothpick. Not satisfied but I know it is me getting the stuff on the seats so I was tolerating this. But torn seats !! Not happy.It has only twice in 3 years met the advertised 30 mpg. 21 to 26 is much more normal-again disappointing!Needless to say an Equinox will not on my list of vehicles to purchase again!

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