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Wife had to have this DUNE logo 6/16/2016 jitney

In my opinion, the VW Beetle engineered should all be offered other jobs somewhere else. The car is VERY noisy and a with a very rough ride. Road noise is very loud, this cars seems to have no insulation to buffer outside sound, especially tire noise. VW chooses to not have a Garage door controller. How stupid that seems. The Vehicle does not come with license plate holders, they are dealer provided, the dealer we went through used very cheap ugly holders, and wanted to drill 1/2 holes in both bumpers to attach them. We declined, and will have to find our own solution. thanks VW. About the best thing I can say about this car is it looks nice. The interior is nice, and electronics seem to be pretty good. Backup camera, and sensors work well. Our 2006 VW Bug was a diesel, and was twice as quiet and had a garage door opener that worked great, I for one am sorry we traded up to this vehicle, I was disappointed. I think my wife is also, but won't admit it since she just had to have one.

Average Rating : 2


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