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Will drive it until death ... me, not the Dodge ;) logo 8/25/2015 the Reece's

Fuel mileage is what you'd expect out of an SUV - but still better than our conversion van and pickup. The driver's seat is electronically adjustable and IMO the most comfortable seat in it. We have 8 children, and are daily lifting, folding, readjusting the seats - and it still performs like a beast. West Virginia treacherous mountains, muddy rut filled roads and deep snows - never a problem...except sometimes my driving LOLLOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Durango. It's body will never go out of style. Like any vehicle, there will be maintenance. Old things wear out, and have to be tended to or occasionally replaced. I plant to drive this thing until death - mine, not hers. I'm convinced she will live forever.

Average Rating : 5


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