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WILL NEVER BUY A CHEVY PRODUCT AGAIN logo 4/27/2016 linda and henry

Bought new--2010 Chevy 4 door Silverado---as to date it has 35,000 miles on it--we are retired- got the warrenty plus bought the xtended warrenty--it xpired 11-of 2015 today is 4-27-16 --my new tires I bought and replaced are worn out on the side-- had it in the garage today to check it out---the damn tierods need to be replaced -tires need to be rotated- and needs alignment--- this is totally insane----400.00 and so-cmething dollars-alled Chevy------too bad----we will never ever buy another Chevy product----my 2001 Ford Explorer is better than the truck -----beware-----of buying a Silverado----UPDATE---SINCE THEN THE GLOVE BOX LOCK BROKE AND THE REAR PASSENGER WINDOW WILL NOT ROLL UP FROM THE FRONT CONTROL BUTTON---THANKS CHEVY----

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