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Will never own another Hyundai logo 7/28/2015 MeredithB

got this car used from a family member who disclosed all problems, showed car fax etc. I have spent more money on this car than this [non-permissible content removed] is even worth! In 2 years and LESS THAN 18,000 miles put on it myself, I've had nothing but problems. Oxygen sensor $200, mass air flow meter $500, both front axels and ABS sensors $1100, serpentine belt + AC compressor $650, not to mention frequent fuel ups! I take excellent care of this car, always getting regular oil changes and monitoring fluids under the hood. Most recently the car has started to have braking problems where the whole car shakes vigorously (probably my rotors going) as well as the most horrible cranking, whining noise when turning the wheel even in the slightest. I just needed this car to last me through college to get me from A to B; it did that while being unreliable, breaking down every few months, and emptying my broke college student pockets. Will never EVER own another Hyundai.

Average Rating : 2


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